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The best partnerships...
deserve above trade referrals
— Garry Walmsley ~ Senior Global Real Estate Advisor

The Orlando Agency was created and designed to assist companies who were looking to market Central Florida real estate to their valued client database. As a leading Brokerage in Central Florida, we strive to improve the service level within the industry and to develop open, transparent working relationships that are beneficial for all parties.

We aim to build select, strategic partnerships with companies who share the same goals and principles as our own. Each partnership will be developed over time, allowing you to expose your target market to Central Florida real estate in the manner which you feel to be the most informative and practical. We provide continuous "on the ground" support, for our partners and their clients, at every stage of the process involved.

Whenever two partners work together, it is imperative that they communicate often, understand each other requirements and respond efficiently. That commitment you will receive from The Orlando Agency. We believe in keeping our partnership simple, sharing knowledge and working as a team, in order to exceed all clients expectations at every stage of the process.

What’s In It For You?

We pay 50% referral fees to our partners on all real estate transactions, whether if be New Build, Resale or Listings... That way you can truly build a residual business in Orlando with one of the most respected brokerages in the business.
— Garry Walmsley ~ Senior Global Real Estate Advisor

In truth, this is why you are in business...!

At The Orlando Agency we strive to create partnership agreements that are reflective of each partners contribution to any transaction, so all agreements are bespoke to that strategic partners requirements and to that of their clients. Register you interest to offer your clients the opportunity to invest in the 'City Beautiful' and the World's #1 Vacation Destination ~ Orlando, Florida!

Do all builders give the same price to each Florida Realtor...absolutely not!

Within the niché market of Orlando Real Estate, we are the leading experts and provide all referring partners an opportunity to benefit from our expertise, join with us and earn a higher level of commission when referring valued clients to us for superior representation.

Another benefit of our experience and reputation is leverage for negotiating the lowest price possible with the areas builders.

As a leading Brokerage in business for over 25 years, we have proven relationships with all the areas leading builders to ensure we get the best terms price possible. This relates not just to pricing, often times we have access to preferential lots or exclusive release product, which in turn provides you and your client with preferential terms to purchase Central Florida real estate.

In addition to product that is launched to the general public, we often receive exclusive projects to market for developers. This provides our partners with the opportunity to market opportunities ahead of your competition, allowing you to gain a reputation as the market leader in Central Florida real estate within your target market, Country or Continent.

We partner with some of the best professionals in their respective industries. So you can count on our all-round service package for your clients property needs.

Funding Options To Fit Your Clients Needs

Whether looking for the first property or expanding a property portfolio, getting the right mortgage can make a huge difference to the returns that can be achieved.

Our financial brokers will help select the right option. With their in-depth knowledge of global mortgage markets and an access–all areas approach, they work hard to find the best rates.

Tax Is Not A Four-Letter Word

Taxes often get bad press, but sticking your head in the sand could result in paying a lot more than is required.

Our experienced tax team will work diligently to make sure not a penny more is spent than needs to be. They’ll help structure investments efficiently to safeguard wealth, and will set everything out in a simple way – so they're clear on every last detail.

You Can Rest Easy When You Have The Right Cover

We’re sure you would agree – living an easy life is much better than a complicated one.

With the right insurance policies in place, your clients can relax and chill out knowing that the property is covered. And not be up all night worrying about burst pipes or unexpected damage.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with specialist insurance brokers, who will make it simple to find insurance that’s tailored to specific needs.

Property Management Is Exactly That!

As a company that bore its roots in Property Management, we're perfectly positioned to assist clients in all aspects of property management.

Whether clients are looking for a second home with amenities galore, an income producing property or even mixture of both, we can identify and advise on the highest-performing and most productive options currently available for the rental market.

Why Spend Money On Money?

The constant ups and downs of international currency values can have a huge impact on the amount finally paid for any property.

At The Orlando Agency, we were the first U.S. partners of leading foreign exchange specialists, Moneycorp, so money can be sent directly to and where it is required – at a great rate, for no fee and with all the help you want. It’s as simple as that.

When Photos And Videos Are Not Enough

In today’s busy world, a growing number of investors are happy to secure their chosen properties by telephone or email, after all it's likely that your clients could be one of the 113 Million who visited Florida last year.

In the event they weren't and would prefer to see the resort or property first, well…they can book those plane tickets and pack their bags.

We look forward to scheduling one of our V.I.P. Inspection Trips and giving a guided tour and up-close look at potential life-changing investments.

Lets’ Make Some Money Together…!