Foreign Exchange

As exchange experts, Moneycorp can help if you're buying property overseas. Our bank-beating exchange rates for international money transfers and expert guidance on the foreign exchange market can make buying your dream home just that little bit easier.

We can save you hundreds, even thousands on your lump sum currency trades if you are buying an overseas property outright or putting down a deposit.

Our regular payment plans are also helpful for your frequent transfers - e.g. to pay a local mortgage or regular household bills.

By using Moneycorp you will benefit from:

  • Bank beating exchange rates, in many cases by up to 4% savings on international transfers
  • Fast online money transfers 24/7
  • No commissions or hidden fees
  • Secure rates of exchange up to 2 years in advance
  • Free personal service with expert guidance at the end of the phone
  • Free exchange rate monitoring to alert you when particular rates become available
  • Safeguarded customer funds

The Orlando Agency, a Division of Global Real Estate Services recommend obtaining a quote for your USD($) transfer from Moneycorp. Not only will this save you money compared to using an uncompetitive exchange rate from your bank, but Moneycorp will liaise directly with The Walmsley Team and your closing company, to ensure that the process of transferring currency is not only beneficial, but also secure, quick and simple as possible.

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Registering with Moneycorp only takes a few minutes – it is completely free and carries no obligation to use the service.

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