Now Is The Time To Invest In Orlando Real Estate

Orlando has been listed as one of the best places to invest in real estate for multiple years. The biggest reason is the city’s growth. Orlando’s population, jobs, and tech industry have advanced in recent years, and over 150 international companies have offices in the city. 

Despite being a big city with lots of tourism, the cost of living in Orlando is comparatively lower to other major cities, which is another reason people are moving there. Orlando isn’t just a spectacular city to visit, it’s also a great city to live in.

Reason #1 – More Jobs = More People = More Tenants

It’s a simple equation that holds true, especially for Orlando. A recent survey named Orlando as the top metro city to invest in real estate primarily due to growth. The city’s year-to-year population growth was near 3%. Jobs grew as well, at 4.5% annually. Orlando’s tech industry has risen and made a name for itself. Adding to the strong job market, over 150 international companies have stations in Orlando. Population and job growth plus a relatively low cost of living attract many to live in the city, a good reason to start investing in Orlando real estate.

Reason #2 – Cheaper Homes, Higher Returns

These are another two benefits of investing in Orlando real estate. Orlando investors received an impressive 14.9% in overall returns in the past year. This high return percentage was due to above average rental prices in the city, again, something investors take advantage of. Orlando also has relatively low home prices compared to the national level. The average home price in the city is a little over $200,000. The national average for the past year has hovered around $350,000.

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