Orlando's Top 12 Highest-Paid Pro Sports Team Athletes

While Orlando City Soccer Club is booming as one of the region's most popular sports teams, the big bucks being spent to attract and keep players still belongs to the resident NBA team, the Orlando Magic.

A quick look at the latest salaries of Orlando Magic and Orlando City Soccer players show the basketball team owns nine of the top 10 spots in terms of highest-paid players. The only spot to fall to Orlando City Soccer is No. 6, belonging to soccer star Kaka, who is paid a base salary of $6.66 million.

The top spot on the list is tied between Orlando Magic's Bismack Biyombo and Evan Fournier, who both earned $17 million in the 2016-2017 NBA season, according to ESPN data.

Kaka also holds the title of being the highest-paid Major League Soccer player. Michael Bradley, midfielder for the MLS's Toronto FC, is just behind him at $6 million in base salary.

Orlando is home to many other athletes, most notably professional golfers, but those players don't make as much in regular salaries as they do via winnings from tournaments and endorsements.

Source: Orlando Sentinel