Tech Firm To Launch New Incubator For Young Companies

Although Orlando is home to multiple business incubators, which essentially teach new entrepreneurs how to run a business, a local company says there is room for one more.

The data analytics firm Pandera Systems has partnered with the software company REV Acceleration to launch a new space that will offer money and space to startups.

Citing a lack of “extensive level of support” from other incubators, Tech and Beers leaders say the new effort will fill that gap. “While existing incubators in Central Florida have proven successful for some, many of these programs only provide start-ups with limited funding and space to work,” REV CEO Ty Tucker said in a news release announcing Tech and Beers. “What’s lacking here is the extensive level of support necessary to really get a startup going.”

Tech and Beers will join Starter Studio and VentureScaleUp, two programs in Orlando that provide funding and mentoring for young companies.

Pandera and REV have raised money for a fund that is based at the incubator, with some companies having the potential for access to $1 million seed rounds, according to the news release.

Source: Orlando Sentinel